The New Evangeline Baptist Association

Mission Statement

The South Central Louisiana Evangeline Baptist Association is a partnership of cooperating Southern Baptist churches for the purpose of equipping and encouraging our congregations in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Strategic Goals:

Strategic Goal #1: We envision an EBA Program of Evangelism established within the first year of the newly elected DOM/AMS.

Strategic Goal #2: We envision 80% of EBA pastors/churches engaged in the Evangelism program by 2027.

Strategic Goal #3: We envision 90% of EBA pastors engaged in pastoral support activities by 2032.

Strategic Goal #4: We envision 75% of EBA pastors engaged in equipping events by 2032.

Strategic Goal #5: We envision a 100% increase in EBA baptisms by 2032.

Strategic Goal #6: We envision 75% of EBA churches engaged in discipleship by 2027.

Strategic Goal #7: We envision an EBA Discipleship strategy developed within the first year of newly elected DOM/AMS.

Strategic Goal #8: We envision a 25% increase by 2030 in the number of EBA churches and church plants (11 in 10 years).

Strategic Goal #9: We envision a 50% increase in EBA financial support by 2027 (3% of CP to EBA per church/mission).

Strategic Goal #10: We envision 100% involvement of EBA churches in cooperative Mission projects by 2032.

10-year Strategic Initiatives

  1. Evangelism
    1. Evangelism Ministry Team will develop a strategic associational Program of Evangelism
    2. Encourage EBA churches to participate in the Program.
    3. Vehicles to success include Simultaneous Revivals, Area-wide Crusades, Vacation Bible School training, and associational Student Camps. This Team will provide training and equipping events to support the Program, including connecting with Southern Baptist Convention resources.
  2. Discipleship Development
    1. Discipleship Development Team will equip, encourage and empower churches to become Great Commission disciple-makers.
    2. Going to those without Christ, baptizing those who respond in repentance and faith, and teaching them to observe all that Christ commands as fully devoted followers of Christ, who in turn make disciples.
  3. Pastoral Support
    1. Pastoral Support Team will develop and execute a plan to encourage ministers and their families, through relational engagement and leadership development.
    2. Seek to connect EBA pastors and churches to other Southern Baptist Convention resources.
  4. Church Planting & Missions
    1. Church Planting & Missions Team will engage EBA churches to become active participants in church planting.
    2. identifying communities, ethnicities, and demographic profiles for potential new works,
    3. recruiting, assessing, and training potential church planters in collaboration with the State Convention.