Tent Rental

  1. Check Availability -Call Evangeline Baptist Association 337-237-6956.The Event Tent
  2. Upon approval of date and time, complete the following forms:

Tent Rental Application

Tent Preparation Checklist

Tent Site Preparation

3.  Scan application to kim@ebalaf.com or fax to 337-237-4319.

Applications can also be mailed with payments to the address listed at the bottom of this page.

Remember: Application fee is $100.00. Scheduling will not be complete until payment is received.
An additional check for $400.00 must accompany this application if you requirea set-up consultant.

Make checks payable to:  Evangeline Baptist Association

Mail Payments to:

Evangeline Baptist Association
Attention: Tent Rental
P.O. Box 81244
Lafayette, LA 70598-1244