AMS Questionaire

  1. Please attach your resume.
  2. Please describe your conversion experience.
  3. Describe why you chose vocational ministry in general and ministry in your current context in particular.
  4. What are your beliefs regarding the Baptist Faith and Message 2000?
  5. What are your views on the Cooperative Program and other denominational work?
  6. How have you participated in Associational and Cooperative ministry?
  7. Describe your views on the Bible, i.e., inerrancy.
  8. Describe your views on the Doctrine of Salvation: What does it take to be saved?
  9. What are your views regarding Evangelism/Outreach and describe the kinds of methods and programming you have utilized in these areas.
  10. What are your views on Church Planting and Church Revitalization?
  11. What do you believe Scriptures teach concerning Tithing/Giving? What is your personal practice?
  12. What are your convictions/practices regarding the use of alcohol and tobacco?
  13. What are your objectives and priorities as an AMS? In light on the ANS Job Description, what excites you? What concerns you?


Job Description – Evangeline Baptist Association

The New Evangeline Baptist Association